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The “Wirtshof” was first mentioned in a document around 1305.

In 1774 Andreas Lechner from Oberfoehring married into the property. Since that time, now in the 7th generation, the Lechnerhof has been family-owned.

Since the 2nd generation, the oldest son has traditionally the first name Anton, which is why the farm was called “Done (Toni)-Wirshof”.
The Lechnerhof has been run as a hotel since 1989. There have always been adjustments and renovations over the past years. The conference area was expanded by 2 large rooms and a complete floor was added to the hotel.

In the years 2016-2022 the floors were gradually redesigned and renovated. All rooms are now equipped with air conditioning.

The next projects are already pending and we look forward to presenting the results to you soon.

The family coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Lechner family can be found in many details:
In the upper left field you can see the Isar, on whose old steep bank the property is located. Below right, a ploughshare refers to the 700-year-old farm and the old farming family.

The lily is the symbol of Saint Anthony of Padua, the family’s namesake.

The crowned “Freisinger Mohr” is enthroned at the top of the coat of arms for the nearly 600-year rule of the Bishopric of Freising over Unterföhring.

History of Unterföhring

The first documented mention of the Feringas noble family is on July 7th, 750. AD FERINGAS (among the people of Feros). The place name “Föhring” is derived from this.

From 1319 until secularization in 1803, Föhring did not belong to the Duchy of Bavaria, but to the Prince-Bishopric of Freising.
Unterfoehring remained a farming and brick-making village until after the Second World War.

In the recent past it has developed into an important business location (media center and insurance). Luckily, Unterfoehring was able to resist Munich’s incorporation and retained its character and village charm.

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